January 24th, 2016


Welcome to Pennsylvania in the winter! Now, you know why I love setting my books in the Caribbean.
I crewed on a sailboat around those incredible waters, island hopping and learning to cook and chase potatoes and onions rolling across the galley floor.
Snow is nice, too. It's a great motivator to stay in this chair and write.
Stay warm and safe, folks!

See that mountain way out there? That's where I'm headed. I have a 94-year-old friend whom I love to visit with. So once a week-no snow in the forecast-up the mountain I go.
Guess that makes me a fair-weather friend!
But it's good to get away from the keyboard, the book. Give my brain some down time and see what the world looks like. Particularly since I'm stuck on a plot point today.
No radio, just me and Mike (my little dog) will ride and discuss my problems. He always has the answer, or he just sits in the middle and watches the road.
Have a wonderful day, everybody. Oh, snow tomorrow. FEET of it!

It looks like I'm pointing at palm trees! LOL No, that's my splint! Typing all day can get the better of you!
So I'd better get back to it, if I'm going to meet my deadline.
Hope you're all having a safe and happy start to the New Year.
See you soon!


Ah, the New Year!


Just love those resolutions! Mine all have to do with writing more and sitting less, though we'll see how that works out!
I write happy books, light-hearted books, and these days, it's not so easy and sometimes you wonder if you even should write such plebeian fodder.
Then again, maybe it's what we need. Smiles, laughter while we pray for the world to get a little better every day.
Dexter and I hope your new year will be as shiny and bright as you can possibly make it.
Have a great one!