Meet Dexter. As you can tell by the paw prints, he is six today:) Dex has a brother, Mike, a Shih Tzu, and a sister, Millie. Millie is a cat, but no one seems to notice the difference.

I've put Dex to work as a male model on book covers and advertising. It's a face I never get tired of looking at - and those eyes.

We all know we don't own them. They own us.
Genesis 1:26 says we have dominion over them. But when you need a king-size mattress to accommodate the beasts of the field - and the office - that's when you understand the pecking order.

So - to my fellow "pet owners" - I say let's enjoy every day they are with us. And give generously to your LOCAL animal shelters. Thank you to all the volunteers at the shelters. I could not do your job. To work for the helpless, unloved, abandoned animals in this world is a high calling. You are the best!

Dexter, have a wonderful day! Mummy loves.

    That's my boy, Mike, sending happy thoughts your way:)
    My thoughts are about semicolons; not typical for Valentine's but, there you have it.
    I've decided to never use one in a work of fiction.
    If a story is going really well - you're reading along - and you are there. In the woods, on a boat, at a fair - wherever the author has skillfully taken you, and suddenly you're hit with a semicolon, you know what you think?
You think ninth-grade English class with Miss Malory and her wisp of a mustache.
    Even as one of my best editors marked me for not using one, I hit Reject Change and moved right along.
    Oh, yes. I'm a rebel.
    I don't have a fella for Valentine's. If you do, I hope he gives good stuff.
    If you don't, I hope you give yourself good stuff:)
    Me? I bought an enormous Hershey Bar with Almonds, and ate the whole thing!