I don't actually type The End when I finish the first draft, not like I did in the olden days of Royal typewriters, but I do run around and squeeze my animals, then have a glass of Country Time - or white wine - depending on the time of day.
    This was a Country Time finish!
    It's ridiculous to bond with fictional characters, but it can't be helped. We spend so much time together, and those luscious moments when they take over and you're merely transcribing...money can't buy that.
    So Escape Route is resting, waiting for the attack of the Copy Editors...ooooh noooo...and then onto Amazon shelves.
    Reviews. You have NO idea. These books are our babies. It's like putting your child on the school bus for the first time. You want the other kids to like your kids. Will the teachers be constructive?
    But all you can do is kiss them and wave good-bye.
P.S. - Like picking the right outfit for that first day, this may or may not be the cover. The story is lighter and funnier than this 'outfit' conveys. Feel free to chime in - before April 15! LOL

Proof of Irish.
See those eyes - green. In younger days, green and red.
If it were not for the filter on my phone's camera, my selfie would be rife with freckles.
My temper is rare, but short and explosive. Good friends get that. Other friends are hiding behind rocks or really big trees, waiting for the flare to pass.
I talk too loud, love too much, miss everybody wildly when they leave, get impatient with habits on their return.
When something strikes me as HIGHlarious, people will vacate the room. Ask my children. I still cannot watch Inspector Clouseau with the fake parrot and the peg leg, falling off that dock without being escorted from the theater.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! May the Road Rise Up to Meet You!


Ahh, the Theatre!


PictureDevin's opening night in Mary Poppins!
    That's my grandson, Devin, after opening night of Mary Poppins. He started in theater much earlier than I did.
    Theater is at the top of my list of Things You Must Do. If your job is to raise the curtain, great! We couldn't enjoy the show if you didn't - raise the curtain.
    Tear ticket stubs, lead people to their seats. Theater takes you out of yourself and into realms you cannot visit any other way.
    The truth behind the statement - There are no small roles - is absolute. Many of the productions I was in - and have seen - have been stolen by the actor with no lines.
    Not speaking, does not mean you have no lines.
    I could go on and on with metaphors between theater and life, but we're all adults here***wink***you get the drift.
    So get out there and experience it at any level.
    You will be glad you did.
    Hey, who doesn't like applause?