No, the little guy on the left has nothing to do with cover choices. He just makes me smile.
    Escape Route releases on May 12, and I love 'em both.
    If you have an opinion, I'd love to hear it. HELP!
    I love my readers:)

PictureMy mother, Janet, on the left. We're cruising on the lake.
    My mother, The Librarian.
    I come by it honestly! LOL She was a big time librarian and old- school English teacher. Degrees from Pitt and Penn State. What you call the whole Ball 'o Wax!
    She always said I should write children's stories, and like mothers the world o're, she was never wrong, so I'll give it a try one of these days.
    Which brings me to Readers.
    I'm afraid that Amazon and Barnes and Noble, etc., don't give Readers the full picture of how important you are to the writing life of authors.
    How you score an author - one-to-five stars - is the definitive calculation of how well that writer will fare in the market place. An author cannot even purchase advertising if there are not enough reviews to give the marketing director a feel for the book.
    You can't get a job without experience ... and you know the rest. Authors can't get a foot in the Top 100 door if the people who've read their work, don't review it. Good or bad.
    You, Dear Reader, are the engine.
    Before I buy anything at Amazon - and I won't bore you with my long, loooong list of purchases - I check the reviews. I pick a few from each of the five rankings and see which ones hold the water.
    If the five-stars go something like this - My son invented this and it's great! - I keep reading until I find a less biased reaction.
    If the one-stars say - The woman who wrote this book ran over my husband with a back-hoe! - I'll mark that as a story idea for down the road, but - I keep reading.
    This over-long bloggy post is just to let you know how important your voice is. Constructive criticism helps everyone - the author and the next reader, and the next book.
    You're busy. We get that. But what we also get is you are the life blood. You are why we write.
    Why not take a sec and tell us if we're on the right track?

    We'll love you for it! One star or five. I promise:)


Now This is Funny


PictureEscape Clause reaches the End of the World!
    One of my readers took a fabulous cruise to Argentina and tucked a copy of Escape Clause in her bag.
    The official End of the World is at Falkland Islands, Port Stanley, Argentina (did not know that), and the Stanley Jail is now a museum.   
    Here, Annette discusses a break-out with one of the prisoners, using some of the Main Character's methods.
    The prisoner is stuffed, so I don't think any trial runs are planned!
    Thanks, Annette for the wonderful pic!