In Our Prayers


    I watch the news, and I know that what we see doesn't come close to the physical disaster that tens and tens of thousands of our people are suffering.
    Floods, fires, drought. And the pictures don't even scratch the surface of the emotional pain of loss our American brothers and sisters are living through. Unimaginable. I won't even pretend to comprehend it.
    But I will pray. I will contribute. I will hold accountable our government to help our people, as it should.
    You may feel alone - Louisiana, California - please know that you are not.
God bless you all.

PictureAre we there yet?
    Yay. It's August.
    Dexter works at the Oxford Marina, and is one happy dog!
    He's in charge of the entertainment, and this is all pretty much what he has to do, and everyone is entertained:)
    The hot, bubble of air over the US has helped immensely, in keeping me on my writing schedule. Setting foot on a beach, would likely turn this Irish girl into a fried shrimp, so it's the AC writing room for me.
    My little dog, Mike the Shih Tzu, doesn't do heat, so I may have to give him credit on the Acknowledgements Page for sticking with me through it all.
    I hope you enjoy this last blast of summer, until things settle down in the cooler climes of September.
    Thanks from Jaqie, Doofus and Jose for the Pop In:)