Is it animal abuse to use my dog to promote the book? Look at that face! People may not always buy, but they always give Dexter a Like or a Share. How could you not?

Wow. Crash.


This writing business is so hard! I mean...ya know? I've had to stop writing to do the marketing and the posting. Now CreateSpace and I are becoming the best of friends.

I've spent 27 hours in this chair prepping the cover for print only to find their gewgaws compiled the wrong template. So my favorite cover is literally lopped off at the good part.

I'm giving the nuts and bolts of this the next 72 hours of my time, then it's back to writing. I want to offer free chapters here, but... got to git them writ!

Sincerely hope your writing phase is sailing along! Ahhh, sailing:)

Happy Thanksgiving - belated. Merry Christmas to one and all.






PictureThis is my Meme for the book.
Multi-task. Set aside three blocks of time each day.
  1. Create.
  2. Learn one thing about Indie Publishing every day.
  3. Plan the first step to take after the book is DONE.
By breaking the enormity of self-publishing into manageable chunks, you will save tremendous bags of cash on therapy. Cash you can put toward a good editor and cover designer, getting your website built, with some left over to buy marketing ads. Writing the book is the easy part. And the most fun.
Ahhh, but when it's done....


Nugget Two


Ten years ago, ereaders were clunky pieces of hardware that hardly anyone had the patience to learn. But ten years in tech life is a century everywhere else.
Why is today's common ereader a writer's tool nugget?
Because it lets the writer see how his book will look when he's finally pushed the Publish button on Amazon. A thrill, I can tell you.
Better still, slap on a set of headphones and let the reader - read - to you.
There is  no better way to listen to your characters speak. Is the give-and-take natural? Do people really talk that way? And. You will hear mistakes that your eyes will skim over because you have read and re-read your mss too many times to catch the common typos we make. Like you, instead of your. Like a, instead of an.
Two ears are better than none. Your very own beta readers!
Now go write. You are not alone.


Nugget One


Here's my happy little writers' group on retreat in Virginia. That's me on the left, and my dog, Mike, watching ants.
We make each other write. It's what we do.
We carve out time for sightseeing, but we write.
In the evening, after the dishes are done and put away, we read the days page-or pages-and critique.
  1. Did we care about the characters?
  2. Is the plot strong enough to pull us forward into the story?
  3. Does the dialogue sound realistic?
Nugget One:
Be in a play. Work backstage and listen to the actors. At the very least, go to a play. Listen to the dialogue.

Now, go write:) You're with friends.