PictureIt's November! Brrr!
    Brrr! Six degrees! Turkeys may voluntarily march into the oven to get warm!
    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone:) If your people can't join you, grab a good book, and eat with friends:)

Autumn TreeThe tree next door.
    I like to think of myself as an honest person. Loyal, trustworthy, yada, yada.
    But if I could steal my neighbor's tree while they are away on vacation, I would.
    It would be hard to conceal, I grant you, but some things are irresistible. I do roast a mean turkey, so that will serve as my consolation.
    I moved two weeks ago, and my new place is still furnished in Early Century Cardboard Box, but I like the clean lines, and the animals are enjoying the hide-and-seek aspect.
    Between tree larceny and columns of unpacking to tackle, my latest book, Escape Cay, will be late to the editor. Later still to the shelves. Please hang on, and I'll keep you posted.
    In the meantime, best Thanksgiving blessings to you all!