January 01st, 2018


Happy New Year!Happy New Year!
    I hope you had a perfectly satisfactory New Year celebration. We're under so much pressure to make it perfect, make our Instagram pics the envy of all.
    If your Eve was that great - great! Less than great? Shoot for next year.
    As for me and mine, in bed at ten with a good book. Jack London. Jack Reacher (the early days), Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in The Shining. Such writing!
    Not a resolution as much as a resolve - keep writing and aiming for the quality of the Jacks.
    Maybe a resolution - and this is an author thing - be less exclusive and go wide with distribution. yawn. Sorry.
    A re-resolution - be nicer.
    A new resolution - the gym. I know. I know.
    And to my readers, I hope 2018 is the best year you've ever had in all your life!
    I mean that!
    Happy New Year and God bless.

    This is my neighbor's front door. Isn't it great! This is the epitome of the days leading up to the holidays.
    For me - it's Christmas. Next door is Hanukkah. You've got to love this country where everyone can express their beliefs.
    My family is too wide-spread for a Hallmark movie celebration, but I will share with Mike and Millie (dog and cat, respectively) some ham, a yam, a sip of nog. Best wishes to all!


October 21st, 2017


    It's been so warm that I'm still in summer mode. In my world, that means the car needs waxed, Mike (my Shih Tzu) still has to go to the groomer's for a haircut, and sitting at a computer has yet to become a cozy thing to do on a blustery day.
    Speaking of 'cozy.' I'm not sure I write cozies. An awful thing for an author to admit - what's my genre? I dunno. I have a versatile, female lead, one dog, one gecko, a possible love interest - and there is the occasional murder ... but still. So while I wait for the final, final draft to come back from the editor, I'll hope she sends along a note that says, 'Nice job on the cozy/romance/paranormal/ghost story!'
    Have a lovely finish to fall. My Christmas tree goes up one month from today, 72 degrees or not:)

OH, NO! Not the groomer's AGAIN!
    Seriously. In the middle of writing The Book, my trustworthy computer lost its mind and took everything with it. That's what backups are for:) But still, time consuming, and us artistic types tend to curl into despondent balls of self-centered loathing and lose our train of thought during the length of the pity party.
    Then Harvey hits poor Houston and praying for friends of mine took over, and now Irma!!!
    But the finish line looms, the cover is drying, and my new PC is trying to catch up!
    Love to all of Jaqie's, Doofus's, and Jose's fans!
    We can't wait to see you.



Happy Fourth



'Background animation by:  AA VFX, Amitai Angor , https://www.youtube.com/dvdangor2011

Enjoy  the Fireworks!


Mother's Day:)


PictureJust this once!
    If my mother thought I'd ever put this picture on the internet, she'd come back to haunt to me:) But, maybe that's what I'm secretly hoping for.
    I miss her more than I can say. It's days like these when I wish I were a poet, so I could weave a beautiful basket of words full of sentiments.
    She lived 93 years, which gave us ample time to argue, fuss, travel, laugh, and eventually - switch places. I got the privilege of taking care of her for the last few years.
    Nothing dramatic (she was always sharp and clear), but I made the appointments, the reservations, the grocery lists, drove the car. Like that.
    Love your moms, people. Forgive, move on, give hugs. Always.


It's Easter!


    Have a Happy and Blessed Easter, everyone!


March 17th, 2017


    Awww. Look at that moosh! This guy is on a screen cap I took yesterday. I've left the credits on the face of it. Credit where credit is due.
    He is a 73-day old eaglet named E9 and is under the watchful eye of the Southwest Florida eagle cam. Not to mention, his fabulous parents, Harriet and M15.
    Trust me, when you need a pick me up, spend five with E9. Want a new appreciation for sushi? M!5 can dish it up.
    You're never lonely when you're writing, even when your favorite characters throw a fit and stomp out of the room. Nature is a click away. Or just on the other side of the door.
    Happy St. Pat's, and be safe:)


The Birthday Boy!


PictureDexter is Seven!
    Awww, my baby boy is all grown up. Has been, for a while, now, but he's still a puppy on the inside!
    My animals have always been loved and cared for and spoiled, but my heart still breaks when I see what people are capable of doing to animals who cannot speak for themselves.
    I have two favorite online charities I donate to, and I spread the word when I can. Vet Ranch and Hope for Paws. Wonderful folks who care for injured animals (Vet Ranch), and Hope for Paws whose volunteers crawl through sewers, over deserts, into rat-infested roach motels to rescue abandoned, discarded animals.
    Good people doing good. Wouldn't that just about fix everything every where?
    That would be the best birthday present for my boy:)


January 03rd, 2017


    It's been the New Year for some hours, now, and I've had to trim the resolution list.
    But a few chocolate bars should not make that big a dent in my goals for 2017:)
    These two guys have the right idea: hang out with friends, eat healthy, enjoy the outdoors.
    Keep writing. Writing cuts into the friend-time, and the pizza with no toppings, but I'll live vicariously through my feathered friends.
    Have a great year, everyone:)