The Birthday Boy!


PictureDexter is Seven!
    Awww, my baby boy is all grown up. Has been, for a while, now, but he's still a puppy on the inside!
    My animals have always been loved and cared for and spoiled, but my heart still breaks when I see what people are capable of doing to animals who cannot speak for themselves.
    I have two favorite online charities I donate to, and I spread the word when I can. Vet Ranch and Hope for Paws. Wonderful folks who care for injured animals (Vet Ranch), and Hope for Paws whose volunteers crawl through sewers, over deserts, into rat-infested roach motels to rescue abandoned, discarded animals.
    Good people doing good. Wouldn't that just about fix everything every where?
    That would be the best birthday present for my boy:)



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