October 21st, 2017


    It's been so warm that I'm still in summer mode. In my world, that means the car needs waxed, Mike (my Shih Tzu) still has to go to the groomer's for a haircut, and sitting at a computer has yet to become a cozy thing to do on a blustery day.
    Speaking of 'cozy.' I'm not sure I write cozies. An awful thing for an author to admit - what's my genre? I dunno. I have a versatile, female lead, one dog, one gecko, a possible love interest - and there is the occasional murder ... but still. So while I wait for the final, final draft to come back from the editor, I'll hope she sends along a note that says, 'Nice job on the cozy/romance/paranormal/ghost story!'
    Have a lovely finish to fall. My Christmas tree goes up one month from today, 72 degrees or not:)

OH, NO! Not the groomer's AGAIN!


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