Merry Christmas:)


    Have a wonderful Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Peace on earth:)

PictureIt's November! Brrr!
    Brrr! Six degrees! Turkeys may voluntarily march into the oven to get warm!
    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone:) If your people can't join you, grab a good book, and eat with friends:)

Autumn TreeThe tree next door.
    I like to think of myself as an honest person. Loyal, trustworthy, yada, yada.
    But if I could steal my neighbor's tree while they are away on vacation, I would.
    It would be hard to conceal, I grant you, but some things are irresistible. I do roast a mean turkey, so that will serve as my consolation.
    I moved two weeks ago, and my new place is still furnished in Early Century Cardboard Box, but I like the clean lines, and the animals are enjoying the hide-and-seek aspect.
    Between tree larceny and columns of unpacking to tackle, my latest book, Escape Cay, will be late to the editor. Later still to the shelves. Please hang on, and I'll keep you posted.
    In the meantime, best Thanksgiving blessings to you all!




PictureAutumn barn, just down the road.
    Again, I say, Pennsylvania is a beautiful state:)
    I'm in the middle of packing and moving to a darling apartment. Lucky me, my editor still has Escape Cay captured by her red pen, so I have time to get these boxes packed!
    My animals have proved inept at handling the tape dispenser:)
    Now, for the grumpy part of my post.
    Spammers have been commenting with icky posts, so I've shut down comments - temporarily - until the ickies are in the rear view.
    When they've moved on, I'll plug back in, and hope for the best.
    I'll also let you know when Escape Cay is ready. Yayy!
    Happy Halloween!

    This pic is from last fall, and I am jumping the gun, but changing leaves, and corn it.
    I also want to salute the American Flag, especially this week. We've been through so much, right? That's probably why I write light-hearted books. Just to take a break from the real world.
    To all my friends, out in the real world, enjoy your autumn, and carve fabulous pumpkins, or take pics. But, enjoy:)


In Our Prayers


    I watch the news, and I know that what we see doesn't come close to the physical disaster that tens and tens of thousands of our people are suffering.
    Floods, fires, drought. And the pictures don't even scratch the surface of the emotional pain of loss our American brothers and sisters are living through. Unimaginable. I won't even pretend to comprehend it.
    But I will pray. I will contribute. I will hold accountable our government to help our people, as it should.
    You may feel alone - Louisiana, California - please know that you are not.
God bless you all.

PictureAre we there yet?
    Yay. It's August.
    Dexter works at the Oxford Marina, and is one happy dog!
    He's in charge of the entertainment, and this is all pretty much what he has to do, and everyone is entertained:)
    The hot, bubble of air over the US has helped immensely, in keeping me on my writing schedule. Setting foot on a beach, would likely turn this Irish girl into a fried shrimp, so it's the AC writing room for me.
    My little dog, Mike the Shih Tzu, doesn't do heat, so I may have to give him credit on the Acknowledgements Page for sticking with me through it all.
    I hope you enjoy this last blast of summer, until things settle down in the cooler climes of September.
    Thanks from Jaqie, Doofus and Jose for the Pop In:)


July 10th, 2016


PicturePhoto-Roland Timmins Maryland's Eastern Shore
    The Choptank River on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Doofus lives nearby:)
    I'm tempted to re-make Escape Route into a picture book! On the 'other side of the bridge' (Chesapeake Bay Bridge), it's a whole other world, full of wonderful sites.
    It really is a kaleidoscope. The water presents itself differently every day. The variety of boats - for work or play - are beautiful to watch.
    Twice, I've been so overwhelmed by what I was seeing, I deliberately put my camera down, so I could just take it in. One day, if I can pull it off, I will include those scenes in a book, provided words exist that can do them justice.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer, and God Bless the USA.


May 29th, 2016


    I love this country.
    Put on political blinders and just look around - at real people, real flowers in the fields.
    Today I saw a teen-aged boy covered in dirt from a pick-up football game, stop and hold the door for an elderly lady taking careful steps into the convenience store.
    That's great stuff, right there:)
    My father was a WWII vet. My husband fought in Vietnam.
    My sons' generation skipped a beat, and both my boys are safe in their homes because of our brave men and women.
    God Bless the Veterans, and God Bless the USA.

PictureThis is why I cannot write on my porch!
    This is one of my favorite garden pics! I used to try and write on my front porch, but there were too many gorgeous distractions. Then I'd spot a weed...
    I'm a basket case because Escape Route released today, and who knows how people will receive it. I start the next book in the series, Monday the 16th.
    A friend asked me tonight what Jaqie and Doofus and Jose would be up to - and I don't know. The only word that popped out of my mouth was 'Pirates.'
    Not the baseball team.
    So now what? Pirates? Oh, my. Hope I can keep up!
    In the meantime, wishing you all a wonderful spring. It's still too cold to plant in Pennsylvania, but that will change soon enough.
    Thanks for reading with me:)